See All of St. Helena from a Hot Air Balloon

At El Bonita Motel in Saint Helena, we already know you’re on cloud nine (you’re in wine country, for goodness’ sake!). But what if we said you could go higher? Well, you can – less than ten miles down the road, your Napa Valley Balloon tour awaits.

Whether it’s your anniversary, birthday, promotion – you name it – this experience enhances the occasion and guarantees you’ll be floating on air!

The Standard Package

Don’t let the name deceive you, it’s an excursion that’s far from standard. In fact, on the morning of your scheduled Napa Valley balloon tour, we suggest you forgo our complimentary continental breakfast for the venue’s delectable post-flight champagne brunch.

Courtesy of Napa Valley Balloons Facebook

“From treetops to magnificent panoramic views, enjoy a spectacular morning soaring above it all.”

The Private Flight Balloons Package

This is an exclusive trip guaranteed to leave you and one other guest in awe. You’re creating memories as you ascend above vineyards, golf courses, and your room at El Bonita Motel. It’s a unparalleled, private experience that won’t soon be forgotten…mainly because they have the ability to photograph the two of you mid-flight!

Courtesy of Napa Valley Balloons Facebook

“Enjoy an approximately one-hour flight with just you, your guest and your pilot…Your adventure concludes at Domaine Chandon Winery’s Etoile Restaurant with a delicious breakfast and a glass of sparkling wine to toast your occasion.”

The Groups Balloon Package

Grab 16 or more of your very best friends and drift along in your hot air balloon before heading back to EL Bonita Motel for some downtime in the courtyard. It’s a great experience for wedding parties, employee gatherings, or just good old extended family fun!

Courtesy of Napa Valley Balloons website

“Our impeccable safety record and our passion for what we do makes us the perfect choice to keep your loved ones safe and entertained.”

What do you enjoy around Napa Valley?

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