Our Favorite Wine Podcasts

When you’re staying at El Bonita Motel, you’re in wine country and Napa Valley is teeming with wineries and vineyards ready to tickle your tastebuds. So, to ensure you’re more than prepared and sufficiently excited, we’ve listed some of our favorite wine podcasts. 

Guild of Sommeliers

When wine is what you eat (okay, sip), sleep and dream about, you’ll know this is the podcast for you. Promoting “education, collaboration, and healthy debate while maintaining the key values of the sommelier profession: integrity, humility, and hospitality,” this wine podcast is your prerequisite for a grape higher education. Plus, their partner organization is SommFoundation. 

I’ll Drink to That!

Cheers to this wine podcast, which never ceases to be an insightful and indispensable resource for all things, places, and people wine related. Currently on its 455th episode, Levi Dalton sits down with everyone and anyone of consequence in the industry to talk all things vino.  

Wine for Normal People

Struggling to keep up with the wine connoisseurs around you? Wine for Normal People is the wine podcast that puts it all into perspective. Whether you’re merely curious about the topic or itching to significantly expand your knowledge, host Elizabeth Schneider speaks to the layman.

Judd’s Napa Valley Show 

This wine country gem hits the radio live every Tuesday morning. Host Judd Hill aims to address “drinking, eating and having fun in Napa Valley while meeting the personalities and characters that make our wine country special.”

Napa Valley’s most intriguing character, Dr. Alan Steen (seated, middle) was the guest of honor on “Judd’s Napa Valley Show” this morning. We heard plenty of family stories as well as his philosophy of living a happy and fun-filled life. He, along with his brother, Art Finkelstein, started our family down the path of winemaking in the early 1970s. Although he retired from the business many years ago, his influence is still felt here and throughout the valley. He’s joined on either side by his cousins Stuart and Marlena who are in town to help celebrate 90 years of “The Funny Doctor.” Far left is show announcer, Loren Moale. Look for the episode to hit iTunes in the next few days. . . . #wine #winetravel #winewithjudd #drinkjuddshill #napa #napavalley #winery #winetasting

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What are your favorite wine podcasts?

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