Halloween Wines: A Frightfully Delicious Selection

Halloween in Saint Helena isn’t for the faint of heart. We relish the holiday, taking great pride in our desire to eat, drink, and be scary! If you’re on board, then we suggest you join us and grab a bottle of these frightfully delicious wines…at your own risk, of course!

19 Crimes

The stories behind this wine collection are enough to send chills up on your spine. “The men and women on our labels are not those of fiction – they were flesh and blood,” reads the website. During a time when petty crime was on the rise and convicts received punishment by transportation, criminals were exiled to Australia. Featured on these bottles, are the men and women who survived the boat ride. Even more eerie is what happens when you dive deeper and download the app…

Witching Hour Blend

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! This potent and full-bodied Red Blend is scarily scrumptious. Exuding flavors of dark fruit and espresso, this selection will cast its spell. Consider yourself forewarned; those who came before were left thirsty for more!

Apothic Dark

The bottle speaks for itself, “There’s a romance in darkness, it draws our curiosity and beckons a desire to taste the unknown.” With hints of blueberry, blackberry, coffee and dark chocolate, it’s clear this wine contains flavors wild and untamed. If you’re a thrill seeker, then you’ll likely be dead set on pouring yourself a glass.

Phantom Chardonnay

Advertised as “a hauntingly delicious wine,” this Chardonnay will enliven your spirits. The way the green apple and pear “transform into spicy flavors of freshly baked apple pie,” is akin to magic. So, take a sip and see for yourself.

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