Assisting California Wildfire Victims

Our love for the golden state is profound and our pride emboldens us to assist when times are tough. Southern California wildfires have left residents homeless and have exhausted our resources. So, we’re sharing all the ways you can offer support and reinforcements.


2018’s wildfires may have disrupted SoCal’s local communities, but that only ignites a passion to donate time, goods, and services. Volunteering your time through the Red Cross or Humane Society of Ventura County ensures both our people and animals recognize the overwhelming support and receive the care they desperately need. Additional goods and monetary contributions assist organizations and charities in responding to the disaster. Whether it’s basic necessities or more specific reinforcements, any donation is welcome and appreciated!

Help Spread Awareness

While it’s likely we’re all aware of ongoing efforts, we’re not always as confident in our ability to help the cause. Through social media, dialogue, and volunteer work, you can spread the word and encourage others through guidance and example. Crowdfunding is an easy and quick way to donate, and GoFundMe has already shared their list – pass it along to your friends and family!

Open Your Home

If you have the means to open your home to wildfire victims, please consider. This act of pure generosity helps with overcrowding in local shelters and demonstrates your devotion to the cause. Not only is it supportive, but it’s rewarding as well.

Check In On Your Friends and Family

If you or someone you know is located near wildfire sites, reach out. Voicing your concern and offering moral support is more significant than you think. You can also visit the Red Cross’ Safe & Well website to check in on your loved ones.

What are you doing to help California’s wildfire victims?

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