Come See the Napa Valley Mustard Fields

Each winter, Mustard flowers bloom in Napa Valley, creating mustard fields in the vineyards. Vacationing here in the winter means you’ll get incredible views of the Napa Valley mustard fields. You’ll also get plenty of pictures your friends will be jealous of!

What are the mustard fields?

When the mustard seeds bloom, they create gorgeous yellow fields in the vineyards as far as the eye can see. By driving down Hwy 29 (or really anywhere near vineyards–an easy task in Napa Valley), you can see all the beauty of the Napa Valley mustard fields. These fields are typically in bloom from January to March.

In March, “bud break” occurs. Bud break is when the mustard flowers are turned into mulch. Why? Because the Napa Valley mustard fields have a purpose beyond beauty. The mustard plants have nutrients that are essential to the soil producing good grape plants. And we know that you need good grapes for good wine.

History of the Napa Valley mustard fields

Legend has it that the first mustard plants arrived in Napa Valley in the 1800s when Jesuit priests traveled California. The legend says they scattered the mustard seeds as they traveled across what is now Napa Valley. While everyone can agree this is how they got to Napa Valley, there are conflicting accounts of why the seeds were scattered in the first place. One version of the story says it’s because the Jesuit priests thought the flowers were beautiful and wanted to spread them. The other version says the mustard seeds were dropped to mark a path to keep the priests from getting lost.

Regardless of why the mustard seeds came to Napa Valley, they provide plenty of beauty every winter. Visit Napa Valley in the winter to see the gorgeous Napa Valley mustard fields and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures! When you visit, stay at the local El Bonita Motel to embrace all the beauty of Napa Valley.


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