Best Activities in Napa Valley That Aren’t Wine Tours

Whenever you plan a trip up to Napa Valley, there’s usually one thing on your mind, wine. While Napa Valley definitely has some of the best wineries in the country, that’s not the only activity you can do while you’re here. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! We encourage all of our guests at El Bonita Motel to visit the local wineries in St Helena.

However, we just want to keep everyone well aware that there are, in fact, other ways to spend the day. So when you think it’s time set down the wine glass, here are the best activities in Napa Valley not focused on wine.

Spa Day

Drinking wine and walking around the vineyards can be tiring work. Especially in the hot summer months, when temperatures regularly rise up into the 90s. The best way to get away from the sweltering heat is by heading to a spa in St Helena. While there are plenty of them to choose from, the Health Spa Napa Valley is a local and tourist favorite. With a pool, full-service spa, and fitness center, you’ll have plenty of ways to get your mind and body right.

Balloon Ride

As you can imagine, Napa Valley is quite the sight, whether you’re walking or driving around the area. Even better though is the view from above. One of the most unique ways to view Napa Valley is by taking a hot air balloon ride. Napa Valley Balloons, Inc. offers visitors a chance to take flight in the hands of the most experienced balloon piloting staff in Napa.

Petrified Forest

petrified forestWhile visiting a regular forest is already an incredible sight to behold, getting the chance to explore a petrified forest is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Created by a volcano explosion 3.4 million years ago, leaving behind petrified trees that are still in incredible condition to this day. This is one of the finest examples of an ancient forest and can be visited less than 8 miles away from El Bonita.

Bike Rides

Napa is a place best explored outside of a car. In order to make that happen, there is an abundance of bike tours available for whatever you want to do outside. Napa Valley Bike Tours hooks you up with a variety of options to check out. Whether it’s a self-guided bike tour, a guided bike tour with winery visits, or even corporate team-building bike tours, you can do it all.