Featured Napa Valley Restaurant: Press St. Helena

Looking for a place that incorporates top-notch seasonal produce paired with exquisite cuts of meat, seasonal fish, and poultry? What about a bacon bar? All those ingredients come to life at Press St. Helena Restaurant. Not only that, but they’re done while incorporating the best Napa Valley wines you can find.

Founded by Leslie Rudd, Press is “a culmination of his life’s passions-a showcase for fine foods, wines, and spirits that he has dedicated his life to promoting.” Gaining inspiration from a Sunday afternoon lunch at Paris’ L’Ami Louis, Rudd toasted “to great wine, great fine, and time to enjoy great friends.” This sentiment pushed him forward with his end goal of opening up a restaurant that could do all that and more.

Starting in the fall of 2014, Chef Sharon Li’s took the helm with a refined background in nose-to-tail cooking, fermentation and pickling techniques, and a simplistic, less-is-more approach to cooking. This thought process has obviously resonated very well with guests, as Press remains a must-dine experience in Napa Valley.

With food options such as prime dry-aged beef grilled over almond and cherry wood, wood-fire rotisserie chicken, locally raised lamb and pork, and daily selections of fresh fish, there is an item on the menu for every flavor palate. We encourage our guests at El Bonita to splurge a little when they head over to Press. It’s such an incredible experience that you don’t want to have any regrets.

So let your inner-foodie take over and get ready for a culinary experience that blends Napa Valley’s food and wine scene so harmoniously.