Best Napa Valley Restaurants Near El Bonita Motel

During your stay at El Bonita Motel, you’ll indulge in the best wines Napa Valley has to offer. But what about food? Everyone knows you don’t drink and drive, so after a day of wine tasting, walk over to these conveniently located Napa Valley restaurants for some delicious dining options.

Farmstead Restaurant

At the nearby Longmeadow Ranch, Farmstead features American farmhouse cuisine. Their menu items include ingredients fresh from their farm, ranch, and vineyards. Dining at Farmstead creates an authentic and delicious Napa Valley experience.


The Charter Oak

The Charter Oak is all about letting the flavors shine. Its simplistic approach to locally inspired food features few garnishes. Because of this approach, the menu highlights one or two ingredients at a time. Dine here for brunch, lunch, and dinner and enjoy the flavors of Napa Valley.


Harvest Table

Also featuring locally sourced ingredients, Harvest Table is the perfect dining experience for a laid-back and refined meal. The menus rotate seasonally so Harvest serves only the freshest Napa Valley ingredients. The chefs take these local flavors to new levels and take pride in their cuisine.


Tra Vigne Pizzeria

Tra Vigne is committed to serving excellent food in an excellent atmosphere. This restaurant is known for its pizza and other Italian dishes, and has been serving customers for over 25 years. Tra Vigne’s relaxed environment features large televisions, a chalk installation, a beautiful patio, and a new Bocce Court.


Take advantage of how close these Napa Valley restaurants are to El Bonita Motel and enjoy all they have to offer for both food and wine!