The Tasting Rooms of St. Helena

Many wineries of the Napa Valley area offer appointment-only tasting events. But maybe you’re not up for a trek into the backwoods. Fortunately, you can fit your wine-tasting in right alongside your brunch and boutiques. No need to choose between that artisanal vinegar shop and sampling of rosé — at least not today! Treat yourself to any of a number of fine tasting rooms of St. Helena.

roast beet pimento spread, goat cheese and smoked paprika almond bruschetta

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Clif Family Winery Tasting Room

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Clif Family operates a small tasting room right on Main Street. They only require reservations for parties in excess of six. Clif hasn’t limited offerings to their wines, either: this venue is just as much a bruschetteria as it is a tasting room. With delicate and delightful toasts thoughtfully paired with their artisan wines, you’ll be well-fed and newly cultured. And hey, shop a little — take home a bottle to enjoy with some of their own olive oil, nuts, chocolates, preserves, curated salts, and spice mixtures.

The Room at Flora Springs Napa Valley Family Estate

‘The Room’ is a gorgeous space off Highway 29. It’s totally desert-retro on the exterior, and massive world-class-wine-bar on the inside. And it’s what’s on the inside that matters here (though the luscious design doesn’t hurt): they’ve got dozens of varieties for you to try.

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Thorn Hill Tasting Room

While their production is right here in California, Thorn Hill operates three different tasting rooms across the country (with reach as far as Lancaster, PA!). Open daily from noon to six, find them at 1234 Main Street, where you can partake in barrel-tasting before they’ve even released the latest bottle.

Yao Family Wines Quartz Tasting Bar

Name the first Yao you can think of. Yes, that’s it: this is the wine club of Yao Ming, and the space is conveniently located at 929 Main Street. But don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Yao Family Wines features several lovely vintages, and their location is huge. There’s not just one tasting bar — there are several bars and lounges here to visit, each as beautifully ornamented and serviceable (hey, we’re talking a wine club here) as the last.

Where’s your favorite place for a drink around here? Which tasting rooms have you visited around Napa?

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