The Essential Napa Valley Restaurants for Your Summer Vacation

vegitables on a table from St Helena restaurant

There are plenty of Napa Valley restaurants worth your time and your dollar. With this wealth of options, we wanted to simplify things for you a little. Between all the wine tours and other exciting and relaxing Napa activities, you might be tempted to stop at the first place that catches your eye. So we’ve done the research for you.
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The Tasting Rooms of St. Helena

wine and candles at a wine tasting in St Helena

Many wineries of the Napa Valley area offer appointment-only tasting events. But maybe you’re not up for a trek into the backwoods. Fortunately, you can fit your wine-tasting in right alongside your brunch and boutiques. No need to choose between that artisanal vinegar shop and sampling of rosé — at least not today! Treat yourself to any of a number of fine tasting rooms of St. Helena.

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