A Few Very Unique Things to Do on Your Next Napa Valley Vacation

Maybe you just love trying new things. Maybe you’re no stranger to Napa, and you’ve gotten bored with your usual itinerary. Whatever your reasons: St. Helena of the Napa Valley has plenty of unconventional and exciting activities for you to try!

Cultivate an ear for chamber music, if you will.

This is not a drill: Napa Valley has its own year-round venue just for those sweet classical sounds. World-renown musicians gather to put on their greatest Debussy and Mozart hats. Affordably priced by subscription or single tickets (though you’ve got to add yourself to a waitlist, FYI), this a bona fide experience.

Or get jazzy with it at the club.

Not a nightclub per se, but something even cooler: Blue Note Napa. Located in the Napa Valley Opera House, this operates as a jazz lounge and restaurant both. Named after the historical Blue Note Jazz Club of Greenwich Village, you can catch everything from harmonica trios to benefit concerts at this decidedly cool-cats-only club.

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Tour the Petrified Redwood Forest of Calistoga, a California historical landmark.

These old grounds have been painstakingly preserved, bearing some of the best-preserved petrified trees in the world. See Mount Saint Helena from the forest, experience geologic ash fall, and tour the redwood trail (with a naturalist as your guide!).

You can still enjoy those same traditional wine flights… But now, via tuk-tuk.

They’re called “Laces and Limos,” and that’s about all there is to it. Tour the wine country at speeds sub-40 m.p.h. (and no need to drive yourself). Prices start at $55 per person for three winery stops.

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What unique activities have you tried around Napa? What about your own hometown?

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