Where to Eat in Napa Valley: Ristorante Allegria

For this round of recommendations, we check out Ristorante Allegria for you. Pasta lovers, this one is for you!

Start your night out with something sweet, something local, something special.

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Their cocktails are gorgeous (and delicious). If this little Tom Collins is any indication, Ristorante Allegria has a fully stocked bar. Their ultra-local wine list is nothing to laugh at, either. They do specialize in port, a unique and very Italian spirit, but they do several house cocktails as well.

Fresh ingredients for all those authentic, light Italian dishes. Especially the pasta.

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They do a mean capellini pomodoro. You don’t find fresher pasta than this: fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil…. They’re keeping it simple. And it never felt so right.

Gnocchi al Pesto.

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Pappardelle party! Here’s the Pappardelle allo Zafferano.

Top it off with something sweet. (Again?) (Yes.)

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Get the tiramisu. Just do it.

Or the sorbet of the day. No regrets here, and no regrets anywhere.

Find Ristorante Allegria at 1026 1st Street in Napa.

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