First Timer in the Napa Valley: What You Should See and Do

However exciting, the Napa Valley can be daunting to first-time visitors. There are just so many possible activities! So for all you newcomers: Welcome, and here are your essential things to do in the Napa Valley during your trip.

Nowhere we would rather be than #StHelena ?

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Wine tasting in St. Helena

Did you know that St. Helena CA has its own “AVA”? Learn more about the Napa Valley and the American Viticultural Association designation here. And check out our recommendations for wineries with tasting rooms over here.

Treat yourself to one of the country’s top fine dining experiences

Whether it’s French Laundry in Yountville or St. Helena’s own Farmstead, there’s no lack of fine dining in the Napa Valley area. And if gourmet isn’t your thing, we understand. Long story made short? Treat yourself. Maybe that just means milkshakes on the side of the road. (We promise they’re good.)

Sunday in Napa

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Learn about our history

How do you feel about museums? St. Helena is rich with them. Did you especially enjoy your wine tasting experience? Intrigued by the concept of “California cuisine”? Visit the CIA Copia and get the scoop on all things locally consumable.

A few other things to do in the Napa Valley — if there’s time!

Planning for more than a weekend? Are you visiting for Spring Break or the holidays? Check out some of the more unique options around the area.

When should we expect you?

There are plenty of things to do in the Napa Valley on your first visit. No need to feel intimidated! Relax. And we’re always happy to give you more personalized recommendations.

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