Where to Eat in Napa Valley – Archetype of St. Helena

In spite of the name, Archetype does away with the textbook dim lighting and starchiness of much Napa Valley dining. By elevating the staples of heritage and Americana culinary experiences, they’re rewriting the territory of wine-country food.

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That’s not to say that their wicker chairs and white-painted wood interiors aren’t totally gorgeous and classic, though. (In fact, their dining room was ranked among the “10 Most Beautifully Designed” by Architectural Digest.) Indeed it’s a little bit country club. But it’s far more inviting than the requisite near-darkness that a lot of restaurants have held onto since the 1990s.

Adding to our post earlier this week, if French Laundry is not your speed for dinner, there are so many good options for food in Napa Valley. One of our favorites was breakfast on our last day at Archetype in St Helena. The restaurant is light and bright with pomegranate drinks which goes perfectly with lemon ricotta pancakes, cheddar biscuits and gravy and maple sugar donut holes. A great way to cap off a few days of wine and dining. Where’s your favorite place to eat in wine country? For more details or notes of our Napa trips just click the link in our bio and go to Destinations. ____________________________ #sthelena #archetype #brunch #pomegranate #cheddarbiscuits #lemonricotta #pancakes #calilife #donuts #maplesugar #winecountry

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There’s nothing like the silence of growing things… ???

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You can do brunch on a budget.

While the avocado toast will run you $17, it is topped with smoked trout and furikake. Delicious? Definitely. But the maple sugar doughnut holes with butter pecan sauce will cost you just $7 — and are even more delicious — so you can get those incredible lemon ricotta pancakes too ($12). Or just a second plate of the doughnut holes.

And don’t worry: Archetype can satisfy any savory morning palate, as well.

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Sundays are for sugar

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Breakfast for dinner…or a cut of local fish or meat.

The evening menu has a lot in common with their brunch, which aligns with their light, unbottoned vibe.

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Get the grilled California swordfish or the baked stuffed eggplant. Archetype works with seasonal, local ingredients, and you can taste it. While even the “protein”-focused entrées are surrounded by heaps of vegetables, there’s no way you’d regret ordering one as your main, either.

Desserts to die for.

Three words: cardamom spiced pavlova. Okay, three more: coffee panna cotta. But the menu changes with the seasons, so check their website before heading out.

And a vegan or two in your party? They can choose apple crisp, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, or sorbet.

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Hope to see you soon — you’ve got to catch this fall menu over at Archetype before it’s gone.

Stay hungry, St. Helena!

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