Napa Wine Industry & Businesses Will Survive, Hope to Recover Quickly

At El Bonita we recovered pretty quickly ourselves, and the news tells us that the Napa wine industry and other local businesses will bounce back soon too.

Here is what we know now.

According to the Napa Valley Register, “As many wineries on the widely unaffected valley floor reopened this week to visitors and returned to their day-to-day operations, those within the vast areas singed by the Atlas, Tubbs and Nuns fires were taking steps down the road to recovery.”

Many wineries and estates “got lucky,” it seems, and their products and buildings were fortunately spared.

While “the winemaking went on unaffected, the [Chateau Montelena] winery was not without its losses, as 30-40 tons of cabernet sauvignon in a western Calistoga vineyard were left unusable after being hit by the Tubbs fire.” Properties have again began to accept visitors. However, many have had to discard vast amounts of “smoke-tainted fruit.”

The Napa wine industry is on the road to recovery.

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The City of Napa has been actively posting updates on openings, closures, and official work. For travelers, there is still plenty to do in the region.

While most Napa County residents survived the fires, many are now displaced. According to CNN, “the most destructive fire in California history” “torched” a significant amount of Santa Rosa homes. From a mobile-home park to high-end neighborhoods, nearly everyone was affected. The article continues, “While residents expressed gratitude for surviving the deadly blaze, nearly all have been dealing with daily uncertainty. Where do they go from here? Where are they going to sleep tonight?”

We support all our Napa neighbors. Our arms are open at El Bonita, and our thoughts remain with everyone harmed by the events.