Napa Fire Update: We Are Okay in Saint Helena & Napa Will Stay Strong!

Napa Valley is wine country, and we here have a beautiful, storied history. We love Saint Helena — and we love our neighbors in Napa, Calistoga, and Santa Rosa. We wanted to give you a Napa fire update from our side of the recent terrible events.

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Firstly: El Bonita Motel recovered quickly, and we are accepting guests as usual again.

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Image via Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press for LA Times.

Firefighters are still hard at work recovering other areas of Napa County.

Many residents had to evacuate their homes and many more lost power and other services as a result of the fires. According to the Los Angeles Times, the fires have burned over 51,000 acres of land, taken at least six lives, and destroyed some 300 homes across the area.

Recent information tells us that the fires are now mostly contained, thanks to everyone’s efforts and community.

As officials continue to monitor conditions and air quality, one firefighter was lost.

Vineyard workers, in the middle of fall‘s peak harvest season, still pick the grapes. Environments are tough, but economics seems to call for persistence. Vintners are working to make sure conditions are safe and as efficient as possible.

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Image via Brian van der Brug / LA Times.

Grapes and wine-making revenues, next to tourism, comprise the primary income sources for Napa Valley and its residents.

We stand strong with Napa as our region recovers. This will take time and the fires have been extremely difficult for many of us, but we have faith in our firefighters, volunteers, officials, residents, and local businesses.

Stay strong, Napa! More Napa fire update news to come soon.

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