Local Spotlight: The Model Bakery of St. Helena

Ahh, The Model Bakery — your Sunday-morning mecca. You can picture it exactly. You can almost taste it.

Enter stage left: you, your partner in crime, and two steaming-hot lattes on a sunny weekend morning. Maybe there are delicately crafted pastries involved. You have no obligations at all but perhaps The New York Times crossword. Not a care in the world. (Except maybe that stubborn 18-Down!) So where is this magical place? Well — it’s The Model Bakery of St. Helena, of course.

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With locations across the Napa Valley — in Napa, St. Helena, and Yountville — The Model Bakery has quite the hold on our neck of the woods.

We’d say that’s rightfully so.

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This is the shop that peddles the English muffin of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” fame. The English muffin of Oprah’s “Favorite Things of 2016.” The English muffin of Oprah’s “Favorite Things of 2017.”

You see, these are no ordinary English muffins.

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Ordered as a sandwich or topped with blueberry preserves: this is your idyllic weekend morning comfort food. The fluffy, toasted, fresh bite of lightly buttered heaven.

Buy a dozen to bring back home.

Sweet tooth working overtime?

So maybe you’ve heard enough about that particular delicacy. The Model Bakery goes in real big with gooey, nutty cinnamon rolls. This pairs almost too well with black coffee. Order one, order them all — we won’t judge.

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But you might want to save room for any of their other many — many — sweet treats.

Cookies, croissants, savory stuffed rolls: they’ll make those Napa Valley morning brunch dreams come true.

What are your favorite spots to live a little indulgently in Napa? We can recommend a few more, and we’re always on the search for the next best thing. There’s really no bad time for a glass of wine, a slice of cake, or a roadside burger.

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