Our Favorite Historic Hotels in the U.S.

Our own building was constructed in the 1940s, and we overhauled it not much later to become a hotel. We’re very proud of our history and our Art Deco roots. Here, we share the love with five other historic lodgings across the United States.

The Hermitage Hotel – Nashville, TN.

Constructed at the turn of the twentieth century, this was Nashville’s “first million-dollar hotel.” The Hermitage features stunning Beaux-Arts style architecture inspired by the European Renaissance. Since it opened, this historic venue has hosted countless major American figures — from Johnny Cash to John Dillinger — and most of our presidents.

The Cadet Hotel – Miami, FL.

During the Second World War, the Cadet Hotel housed many Air Force cadets — hence the name. The building was constructed in the early 1940s (just like us!). We also might be a little biased: yes, we’re fans of Art Deco. Have you even seen El Bonita? But really, Miami’s Art Deco scene is nothing to blink at. And everything coming out of Pied à Terre, their hotel’s restaurant, looks pretty incredible.

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The American Club – Kohler, WI.

Here’s the place to find a cozy room for a cold Wisconsin night. The American Club is over 130 years old, and was founded by the Kohler family — the same family of household appliance fame. Local wildlife, scenic paths, and the rustic cottage- and cabin-style rooms would make anyone feel at home.

The Royal Hawaiian – Honolulu, HI.

This beachy palace was built in 1927, decades before Hawaii became a member of the United States. Even though it’s right on the famous Waikiki Beach, the historic Royal Hawaiian devotes much of its property to private pool areas and luxurious amenities. And of course it’s all styled in your archetypal Hawaiian ways — think lots of pink and yellow — but really, what else would you want from a Honolulu hotel?

La Fonda on the Plaza – Santa Fe, NM.

While the hotel as we know it today was only constructed in 1922, La Fonda has a storied history of hospitality. They put up many Americans as they moved West to take a crack at the Gold Rush, or just try their luck elsewhere. Today, the building is unpretentious but refined, with a cool adobe exterior and traditional Southwestern U.S. vibes. We’d want to get swept up in some of those sunsets!

Where are you headed on your next trip? Do you have a favorite place to stay? Let us know if you’re ever in Napa Valley!

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