Cheese, Please!

Parmesan, Ricotta, and Gruyere, oh my! There are so many delicious types of cheese, and yet we can’t help but focus on the wine. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all looking for the next big pour in vino country, but shouldn’t we know where to purchase its most popular pairing as well?

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See All of St. Helena from a Hot Air Balloon

things to do napa valley balloon ride

At El Bonita Motel in Saint Helena, we already know you’re on cloud nine (you’re in wine country, for goodness’ sake!). But what if we said you could go higher? Well, you can – less than ten miles down the road, your Napa Valley Balloon tour awaits.

Whether it’s your anniversary, birthday, promotion – you name it – this experience enhances the occasion and guarantees you’ll be floating on air!

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The Essential Napa Valley Restaurants for Your Summer Vacation

napa valley restaurants,press st helena

There are plenty of Napa Valley restaurants worth your time and your dollar. With this wealth of options, we wanted to simplify things for you a little. Between all the wine tours and other exciting and relaxing Napa activities, you might be tempted to stop at the first place that catches your eye. So we’ve done the research for you.
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Here’s Where to Book Your Spa Day in the Napa Valley

cottage inn spa massage napa ca

While there are plenty of Napa Valley activities that’ll get you moving, sometimes you need a spa day too. Many of our guests stay at our St. Helena motel because El Bonita is an experience in its own right and reasonably priced for the area. We always recommend spending your money on the experiences you couldn’t find elsewhere. The wineries, the tours, and maybe best of all: the best spa services this side of the Mississippi. Continue reading “Here’s Where to Book Your Spa Day in the Napa Valley”